5 Reasons Why You Want Someone Else To Clean Your Gutters

Posted on: 10 June 2020


Spring cleaning is never fun. Annual jobs like power washing the deck, cleaning the gutters, and washing the windows all pretty much fall on everyone's "don't wanna do it" list. If you need to convince a spouse (or yourself) that hiring a residential gutter service is better than a wasted Saturday, here is a list of reasons why you shouldn't clean those gutters. 

1. Dead Rodents: When you think about cleaning gutters, you probably picture them filled with fallen leaves and maybe a stick or two. While that is correct, there is much more that you can find in your gutters. Dead mice are often found in there, buried — literally and figuratively — among the leaves and other debris. Imagine scooping up all that decaying junk and realizing a dead mouse is in your hand. It is a real possibility.  

2. Bees: While bee stings always hurt, a bee sting can be severe, even deadly to some. Bees, wasps, and hornets have all been known to build nests in clogged gutters. The debris that is trapped up there makes for a nice hiding place. As you are scooping it all out like a dutiful homeowner, you may disrupt their happy home and feel their wrath. If you notice the nest, leave the area and call an exterminator before proceeding. Wasps, in particular, are known to attack en masse when threatened.

3. Fear of Heights: Acrophobia is a real fear for many people. While your home may only be one or two stories, climbing tall ladders can be quite scary. If you are part of the people in the country that are afraid of heights, have a professional, residential gutter service out to do the job and save yourself an afternoon of anxiety. 

4. Fall Accidents: While acrophobia is a phobia, there is a real chance of falling from a ladder while you clean your gutters. In fact, over 500,000 people injure themselves after falling off ladders each year and up to 300 people die from their injuries. If you clean your own gutters from a ladder, make sure you have someone spotting you from the ground. If you are uncomfortable with heights, unsure of yourself on a ladder, or simply do not own a ladder high enough to safely do the job, call in the professionals. 

5. Bird's Nest: Having a bird's nest in your gutters or eaves is annoying, but did you know that it may be illegal to remove it? Throughout much of the United States, it is illegal to remove a bird's nest with eggs or babies in it. Rather than risk legal action, let a residential gutter service deal with the authorities and determine the best way to proceed. 

There you have it. Five valid reasons why you should take the weekend off and hire someone else to clean your gutters this year. Reach out to a residential gutter service like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc to get help.