Do You Have Water Streaks On Your Home From Leaking Gutters? Get A Cleaning And Inspection Today

Posted on: 1 July 2020


If you can see water streaks down the side of your home and you aren't sure where they are coming from, it's probably from the gutters. The gutters can be a problem if they aren't maintained, especially if they are old, damaged or clogged.

With proper gutter cleaning and a possible replacement, you may be able to prevent future water streaking and damage. Here are the things to consider today.

Gutter Cleaning and Inspection

If the gutters are filled to the brim with debris, you may not be able to notice the leak. Have the gutters cleaned and then inspected. The inspection will determine if you have these issues:

  • Cracks in the gutters
  • Detachment concerns allowing water to pass
  • Pest damage
  • Misalignment problems

Have the inspection done and then determine if it is worth keeping what you have or if it's time to invest in new gutters.

Seamless Vinyl Gutters

New seamless vinyl gutters will help protect the home from water and can be maintenance-free. The vinyl is scratch-resistant and impermeable to water and weathering. Ask about adding screen covers to the gutters to make sure water is the only thing that gets in.

Without seams, you don't have to worry about twigs or other items splitting the gutters apart. Ask that the experts check the direction of the gutters and how the water flows, as well.

Roof and Siding Inspection

The roofing shingles, wood base and siding around the home need to be inspected for water damage. If there have been problematic leaks, you could need to replace the roofing materials or siding, along with the insulation or other materials.

Foundation Concerns

If water has been dripping down the side of the house, there could be water pooling around the foundation. Check to see if the foundation needs to be sealed or repaired or if mildew is a problem. If there are foundation problems, you may want the gutters to lead further away from your home.

Gutter issues can be serious, and if you are not cleaning out your gutters regularly, this could be the cause of the streaks and water marks you see on the siding of your home. Don't waste any more time — get the gutters cleaned and inspected, and then make the upgrade if it's needed.

You don't want to ignore any potential problems around your home, so make sure the structure of the home hasn't been compromised because of leaking water. The sooner you get the gutter inspection, the faster you can get answers.

To learn more, contact a company that offers gutter services.