Who To Call When You Have A Sewage Emergency In Your Home

Posted on: 12 October 2020


While not all homes have a septic system, every home has a sewer line that runs either to a septic tank or to the cities sewer line at the street. If you are experiencing a backup in your plumbing or problems with the sewer system on your property, you may need to have a contractor that offers emergency sewer pumping come and assess the situation and help resolve it. 

Sewer Backups

There are times that the sewer line in your home can back up, and you may find water and other waste backing up in the drains. Sometimes this is an internal problem, and other times it is related to an issue with the septic system or the sewer line outside the home. 

If you have a septic system on your property, a backup in the sewer line could indicate that the septic tank is full. You need to have a company that offers emergency sewer pumping come out and pump the material out of the tank. If the home does not have a septic tank but has a long drain line running from the house to the street, the line can become clogged, and the contractor may need to pump the material out of the line.

Once the line is clear, it can be inspected and cleaned to avoid further problems with it. Premature filling of the septic system can be an indication of a problem as well, so if you had to have it pumped out, the system should be inspected once it is empty for problems that might include line blockages in the drain field or septic baffles that are clogged on the outgoing side of the septic tank. 

Pumping the system out will make it easier for the contractor to see where the problem is and make the necessary repairs for you. 

Pumping Frequency

Even if the septic system on your property is working correctly, you will need to have the tank pumped out from time to time. Emergency sewer pumping is not always necessary if you use the system properly. There are some circumstances that you can't control that can necessitate emergency sewer pumping, though. 

Heavy rains and flooding can cause a sewer line and septic system to back up badly. The water can carry debris into the system and cause obstructions that require pumping the system to remove. Under normal circumstances, the tank on your property only needs pumping after about three years and can sometimes go five years if the demand on the system is low enough. 

For more information about emergency sewing pumping, contact a local professional.