Setting Up Your Foundation For A Custom Home On A Basement

Posted on: 24 November 2020


If you are planning on building a custom home, the foundation is an important step in the process. Different types of custom home designs require specific foundation work. There are some things that you want to do for your basement foundation. The following foundation information will help you with the design of your custom home:

Starting with Soil Stabilization for the Basement

The soil is where you need to begin preparing the foundation. The soil needs to be stabilized, and excavations must be completed to start the work for the basement. The things that can be done to stabilize the soil before foundation work is started include:

  • Soil grouting that provides stability for the foundation
  • Soil cementing treatments to provide stabilization
  • Erosion control systems to prevent soil movements

The soil elevations around the foundation will also need to be graded for the watershed. You may also want to discuss installing landscaping drainage systems at this point. This will help deal with potential water problems around the foundation.

Excavations to Prepare the Basement Foundation

After the soil stabilization, it will be time to start with the excavations. There are going to be soils that need to be moved and graded for soil elevations. The things to consider when the excavation work is done for the foundation include:

  • A watershed around the foundation
  • Exterior elevations of your custom home
  • Future landscaping designs after construction is completed

The excavations of the basement should also include preparations for the drainage systems. You will want to have a French drain system installed.

Installation of the Foundation Drainage Systems

The next step is installing the drainage system. This work is done with the footings for the foundation walls. You will want to have a modern French drain system installed in the foundation. Things to consider for the French drain system for your basement include:

  • Installing a dry well or basin for drainage
  • Installing multiple drain tiles for better drainage
  • Using aggregate to allow water to drain into drainage lines

The French drain system is important to keep water out of your home. It can also include drainage systems for the interior of your basement.

Installing the Forms for the New Basement Foundation

The basement foundation needs to have the forms installed before concrete can be done. There are many different options for the forms that can be installed, which include:

  • Plain forms with structural steel reinforcements
  • Stamped forms for a finish on exteriors
  • Foam structural concrete forms that provide insulation

You may want to use options like stamped forms above the soil elevations. This will give these areas a more attractive finish once they are removed.

The installation of drainage systems and waterproofing are elements of basement foundations that need to be designed from the beginning. Contact a concrete foundation service for more information.