The Custom Seawall Designs That You Can Start Building While Water Levels Are Low

Posted on: 3 December 2020


Seawalls are important if you own waterfront property. They can be more than just walls that protect against land loss. They can have practical features that enhance your property. Seawalls can provide an anchor point for structures, access to water, and other practical features. The following custom seawall designs will help add practical features to your waterfront property:

Create Your Own Private Beach Inlet

The first option to consider for your seawall is to create an inlet. You can create your own private beach with access to the water. Features that can improve this seawall beach inlet include:

  • Underwater seawall to retain beach sand
  • Storage features for beach furniture and equipment
  • Lighting to enjoy your private beach area at night

Access to the beach is important, which is why the design should include stairs that you can use. The stairs can span the length of the beach or be just a single staircase access area.

Creating Access with Seawall Designs

Access to the water may be a problem you have with your waterfront property. Therefore, you may want to consider seawall designs that allow you to access the water easily. These can be features like stairs built into the seawall design. You may also want to have features like a boathouse that is protected by seawalls. The seawalls and shallow canals can provide access to these installations.

Using Seawalls As Dock Features or Anchor Points

Seawalls can also be used for more than just erosion and flood control. The walls can also extend out into open water to provide a dock-like feature for your property. There are benefits to doing this because it is a more permanent structure. It will need less maintenance and be less vulnerable to damage during storms. It can be used to create false corals and nesting grounds for marine life, which can improve fishing on your property.

Seawalls to Reclaim Lost Land and Provide Foundations for Structures

One of the main uses of seawalls is to prevent problems with erosion. This land loss can be reclaimed when you build new walls. In addition, the sea walls can also be used to create foundations for structures like boathouses, ramps, and lifts that you may want to use for marine sports and boating.

The right seawall design will add value to your property. Contact a seawall design service like Reuben Clarson Consulting and start discussing some of these features for the design of your property.