The Asphalt Maintenance Guide To Ensure Your Pavements Are In Optimal Condition

Posted on: 30 August 2021


The cost of repairing or replacing asphalt is high. Every pavement is different, and some people can do asphalt maintenance or repairs as needed. However, others might only want to do it every few years. Whatever your situation is, here are some guidelines for doing preventative asphalt maintenance:

What is Asphalt Maintenance?

As the name suggests, asphalt maintenance is the process of keeping the surfaces of our pavements in optimal condition, which means they are kept shiny and new. Asphalt is what makes up roads and surfaces like pavements for sidewalks or driveways. When there's been damage done to one of these surfaces, it needs to be properly maintained. This maintenance includes filling potholes, seal coating, and repairing minor damage to the surface of pavements. The maintenance might also include filling cracks to prevent damage like potholes.

Preventive Maintenance

The first type of maintenance that needs to be done to asphalt pavement is preventive maintenance. This is the work that is done to ensure damage does not happen to the asphalt surface. The preventive maintenance process includes things like cleaning and seal coating the pavement. It might include other work like cleaning storm drains, canals, and other systems that help allow rainwater to drain off the pavement's surface.

Scheduling Maintenance

Next, there is the scheduled maintenance that you might have done to the pavement. If you are maintaining a commercial parking facility, this might include cleaning services. Scheduled maintenance can also include repairing minor damage and doing other work to the asphalt due to normal wear. Scheduled maintenance can also include evaluating the surface to determine its condition and when more work like resurfacing might need to be done. You might also schedule an asphalt maintenance service to do tasks like painting or seal coating.

Maintaining Asphalt

Maintaining asphalt is often some of the most labor-intensive work that needs to be done. The best way to ensure your asphalt pavement stays in optimal condition is to keep it clean. You can also seal it, which will prevent water from seeping into it and causing large cracks when it freezes. Seal coating will also help reduce the deterioration of the pavement due to exposure to sunlight. Be vigilant about watching for damage and call a maintenance service to fix any issues when you notice a problem with the asphalt.

Maintain your asphalt properly to increase its longevity and prevent pole holes. Contact an asphalt maintenance services, such as W.N. Yoss Construction Inc, to get the help you need to maintain your pavements.