How Commercial Architectural Glass Doors Keep Your Employees Safe

Posted on: 31 January 2022


Ensuring the safety of employees is an important responsibility of any business. Failure to do so can prove devastating for both employees and the business as a whole. For that reason, businesses take many steps to maintain employee safety, such as enacting safety procedures and security systems. However, there are many opportunities that businesses often overlook when it comes to ensuring employee safety. One of the earliest touchpoints for ensuring employee safety begins at your facility's door. Premium materials with unique features can make it difficult for unwanted guests or hazards to find their way inside. Fortunately, commercial architectural glass doors have emerged as an effective choice for companies concerned about employee safety. If you're interested in applying the advantages of these doors to your commercial facility, read on below to learn more about how commercial architectural glass doors keep your employees safe.

Commercial Architectural Glass Doors Can Resist Damage

For many people, glass carries a reputation for being weak and brittle, easily broken by the most delicate of impacts. Unfortunately, for ordinary glass, this perception often seems to be accurate. Not only that, but other door materials such as wood or metal are subject to issues such as rust and corrosion due to exposure to wet weather such as rain and snow. Such issues result in a weak door that does little to protect the employees inside your facility. Fortunately, commercial architectural glass doors are made using tempered glass for added strength and impact resistance. Commercial architectural glass is also unaffected by wet weather, meaning it does not suffer from issues such as rot and corrosion. This durability and corrosion resistance make commercial architectural glass doors an excellent choice for businesses seeking to maximize employee safety.

Commercial Architectural Glass Doors Can Obscure Visibility

Many people think of glass as solely transparent, which can compromise employee safety by allowing prying eyes into your commercial facility. The transparency of glass can assist trespassers and thieves with finding their way into your facility. Fortunately, commercial architectural glass doors come in multiple variants that change the glass texture as well as the level of transparency. The opportunity to install translucent, tinted and textured glass enables businesses to eliminate the risk of prying eyes, enhancing employee safety.


Many door materials have numerous disadvantages that can compromise employee safety. Fortunately, installing commercial architectural glass doors is a great way to ensure that doesn't happen!

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