What Is The Purpose Of Land Grading?

Posted on: 29 August 2022


Land grading is a process where a contractor uses materials from higher parts of a property to fill in lower areas. The goal is to produce a more even surface, and the process serves a number of purposes. If you're tackling one of these 5 projects, you may want to contact a land grading contractor.


Especially on undeveloped properties, there are often eddies in the landscape. This can make it challenging to do basic things, like establish a level spot so you can dig a foundation. A land grading company can even out the area, and many contractors are even comfortable doing work to prepare a site for installing a foundation and basement. You may also need to do grading to provide a spot for a garage, patio, sidewalk, and driveway.


Many landscapes aren't very even. Some folks like to work with that because they feel it makes a property look more natural. However, there is an argument for cleaning up some of the uglier sections of a landscape and making them more even. You will have an easier time moving around the yard, and the placement of plants will look less funky.

Notably, land grading also makes lawn maintenance easier. By flattening the ground, you'll have an easier time mowing, for example. Also, a grading contractor can make the slopes more gradual, reducing the exertion necessary to get up and down them.


While flattening land is often the primary purpose of grading, it also is possible to install slopes for the purposes of drainage. If you have a spot on the property that collects lots of water and gets swampy, for example, changing the grade above it can direct the flow elsewhere. By doing land grading, you can make the flow of the water more predictable and even. You might then install a culvert at the base of the grade where you know everything will go to carry the water away.


Lots of run-off goes to waste because uneven grades are less predictable. However, you can direct flows in a way that allows the grade to become a source of irrigation. Rather than draining the water, though, you end up using it. In some cases, it may even be possible to store the excess water in an artificial pond.

Erosion Reduction

Some grades make erosion terrible. A land grading contractor can take some of the aggressiveness out of a slope to reduce how much erosion will occur. While this won't eliminate erosion, it will become more controlled. Especially if you're having problems with muddy run-off, the difference can be notable. 

For more information, contact a local land grading contractor