Enticing Exterior Features For A Tiny House

Posted on: 25 April 2023


When you make the decision that you want to reside in a tiny house, you'll likely want to spend a lot of time evaluating several of these dwellings. Tiny houses vary in size and design, so it's possible to find a model that will exactly suit your needs. While a lot of people focus on the look and layout of the interior, it's also a good idea to think about the exterior of the structure. You'll want to consider not only how the dwelling looks but also what exterior features it offers for you to enjoy. Here are some enticing exterior features that are available on some tiny houses.


Although you may be happy to spend a lot of your time inside the tiny house, it can be nice to be outside on certain occasions, too. Look for a tiny house that has a porch at one of its entrances. This exterior feature is fairly common, and while the porch will be compact, it will generally offer enough square footage to accommodate one or two chairs. In some cases, you may also be able to place a small barbecue grill on the porch or a compact planter to grow flowers or herbs. Some tiny house porches are covered with a roof, while others are open to the sky.

Roof Deck

You'll also see some tiny houses that are equipped with a roof deck. This feature not only gives you a nice place to sun tan, read, and eat, but it can also be ideal if you want your dwelling to have as small of a footprint as possible. Whereas even a small porch adds to the footprint of the structure, a roof deck does not. The roof deck will typically be accessible via the exterior of the dwelling and will have a railing around its perimeter to help you feel secure when you're using this space.

Hot Tub

If you enjoy soaking in a hot tub as a form of relaxation, you may wish to choose a tiny house that has a hot tub built into a platform on its exterior. While the hot tub will often be small, it should be spacious enough to fit one or two people. This feature can be ideal if you only have a stand-up shower in your tiny house, rather than a bathtub. At times that you wish to soak and relax, you can go outside and use the hot tub.

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