Should You Replace Your Garage Door Torsion Springs?

Posted on: 12 May 2023


If you're in the middle of renovating your garage, you may wonder if you should replace your garage door as well. If your garage door looks great, you may only need to replace a few things on it. One of the things you may need to replace on your garage door is its torsion springs. Torsion springs can become hazardous over time. Learn why you should replace your garage door torsion springs below.

Why Should You Replace the Springs?

Torsion springs perform the heavy lifting for your garage door. The springs sit on a long metal shaft that runs across the top portion of your garage door. The springs also rely on heavy cables to lift and lower your garage door. Your garage door could potentially collapse if the torsion springs or cables give out and break.

Worn-out or broken springs and cables can cause a number of problems for your garage door over time. The door may sound extra noisy when you open or close it. The door may also become stuck or difficult to lift or lower during the day. The stress can quickly wear out the opener you use to operate your garage door.

Your garage door may also become off track if it has problems with the springs or cables. The springs and cables create a certain amount of pressure as they lift and lower the door. If the springs and cables wear down, they can't raise or lower the door properly. The door will eventually become off-track and appear lopsided. 

If your garage door does any of the strange things above, contact a garage door repair contractor immediately. You want to replace your door's torsion springs and/or cables before they give out.

How Should You Replace the Springs?

A garage door repair contractor will need to take extreme precautions before they replace your torsion springs and/or cables. As mentioned above, both components can unexpectedly break. For safety's sake, a contractor will ask you to keep everyone out of the garage during the repairs. 

After a repair technician makes your garage safer to work in, they'll examine the torsion springs and cables for the following things:

  • visible cracks in the torsion springs
  • rust and other discoloration in the torsion springs
  • loose wiring in the cables

If a contractor notices any of the major problems above, they'll carefully remove the springs and/or cables from the door. 

Find the assistance you need for your garage door's torsion springs and cables by contacting a company such as Plano Overhead Garage Door today.