Roof Replacement Options To Deal With The Humidity Of Coastal Climates

Posted on: 18 January 2021


In areas with coastal climates, roofing can take a beating due to storms and the high humidity. Thus, it may be worth investing in the right improvements when you need to have your roof replaced.  Some things can be done to make your roof more resistant to damage. The following roof replacement options will help improve the longevity of roofs in coastal climates:

Durable Flashing and Underlayments

There are many durable options for flashing that can improve roofing near the seaside. If you want to have a more resistant roof for these marine environments, the following flashing and underlayments will work well:

  • Rubber flashing reinforcements
  • Thicker gauges of metal flashing materials
  • Thick synthetic moisture barriers (to replace felt paper)

The flashing will be the first line of defense against humidity and moisture problems. These improvements can be installed before you have the new shingles installed.

Choosing the Right Shingles

Today, there are many options for durable shingles that can be used in coastal areas. These materials can be asphalt shingles with a 3D profile. There are some specifications to look for in your architectural shingles, including:

  • An attractive profile and colors
  • Longer lifetime guarantees
  • Higher wind-resistance ratings

The specifications of your asphalt shingles need to be more resistant to the marine atmosphere's wind and moisture. These shingles are also aesthetically pleasing.

Alternatives for Durable Roofing

There are also alternatives to architectural shingle options. These materials can be energy-efficient and durable alternatives to shingles. Some of these alternative roofing materials include:

  • Standing-seam metal roofing
  • Cedar shake wood roofing
  • Tile roofing

These materials are more durable to the humidity in coastal environments. Installing these alternative roofing materials can also enhance the design of your home.

Options to Seal Your Roof with Coatings

Your roof can also be vulnerable to some problems due to leaks and water penetration. This happens with the humidity and winds that are common in coastal areas. Therefore, you may want to improve the roof with better sealants by having it coated. A roof coating will also extend the life of worn shingles and enhance the durability of new roofing. This is ideal for areas near bodies of water because it prevents moisture issues that cause damage. 

The right features when replacing your roof will ensure it is durable in the harsh coastal environment. Contact a roof replacement service and talk to them about using these solutions on your roof.