Protecting Your Home's Exterior Against Water Damage

Posted on: 12 March 2021


Protecting your home against the potential risks of water damage will always be an important step for you to take. Without effective waterproofing efforts, you could be forced to invest in major repairs that may require you and your family to leave the structure for several days or longer.

Myth: Basement Waterproofing Work Is Only Done To The Interior

The basement of your house is likely one of the areas that are the most vulnerable to experiencing water damage. However, individuals should avoid assuming that this work will only need to be done to the interior walls of the basement. Often, it will be the case that the exterior walls of the basement will also need to undergo a waterproofing process. In particular, this will usually involve applying a sealant to the exterior walls that will be able to block water from soaking through into the interior.

Myth: Exterior Waterproofing Is A Very Disruptive Part Of The Process

Applying a coating to the exterior walls of your basement can be an important part of this process. However, homeowners should be prepared for some mild disruptions in order to have this work done. This is due to the likely requirement for the soil around the exterior walls to be excavated so that the coating can be applied. While this can be somewhat disruptive, it will not be a long process. Depending on the size of the home and the composition of the soil, this part of the exterior waterproofing process may only require a couple of days to complete.

Myth: The Effects Of Exterior Waterproofing Services Will Be Fairly Short-Lived

While the benefits of having the exterior of the home waterproofed can be very noticeable, homeowners may assume that this work will only be able to provide them with limited benefits due to these substances starting to break down or being worn away from the exterior. In reality, an exterior waterproofing coat will be capable of lasting for up to a couple of decades before it will have suffered enough wear to justify having this work done to the home again.

Waterproofing the exterior walls of your basement is an upgrade that will be able to dramatically reduce the risks of this interior space suffering significant damage. Reviewing the numerous myths that can cloud your decisions about exterior waterproofing services will be an important step for keeping your home safe from expensive moisture damage while avoiding major changes to the home's appearance or increasing the maintenance the property will require. 

If you need exterior waterproofing, contact a professional in your area.