Two Reasons To Install Quartz Countertops Throughout Your Home

Posted on: 18 March 2022


Installing quality countertops in your home is one of the most valuable investments you can make. Countertops are not only used in the kitchen but are also an essential component in your bathrooms. The material you select for your countertops is very important because choosing incorrectly could mean that you have to replace them much sooner than you should have to. If you aren't happy with your current countertops and want to make a change, take a look at why quartz is the way to go.

Quartz Is A Non-Porous Stone 

One reason why you may be dissatisfied with your countertops is due to staining. Counters can take quite a beating and when they've endured years of spills and cutting the damage can be quite extensive. Some materials are extremely porous so when colorful foods or liquids are placed on them, they eventually begin to show signs of wear-and-tear.

Quartz is such great material for countertops because it is non-porous. This means that liquids aren't able to seep into the surface of the stone and cause it to become discolored. You can easily wipe away wine and tomato juice without having to worry about whether or not a fresh stain will remain. 

Also, because of the non-porous nature of quartz, it's extremely easy to clean. All it takes is a damp cloth to quickly remove any food debris that may be on the counter.

Add Beauty & Elegance With Quartz Countertops

Installing quartz countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms adds a touch of splendor that you usually don't find with ceramic tile and laminates. Quartz can be engineered in almost any color or design that you would like, giving you the freedom to accentuate the hues that are already in your home. 

When you get your new countertops you should find that they are the highlight of the room. There is a certain sense of luxury that comes with quartz and once you have them installed you may notice that you're constantly getting compliments from friends and family. In addition, quartz is extremely durable so you can expect to enjoy your countertops for many years to come.

Quartz counter installation is the investment that keeps on giving. If you ever decide to place your house on the market you can use the countertops as a major selling point. Call a local contractor and have them replace your countertops with quartz today.