Moving Materials To And From Your Jobsite Using An Outside Contractor

Posted on: 6 July 2022


New construction often generates a lot of dirt and other debris that must be removed from the site and requires things like crushed gravel, sand, and other materials to be brought in. Hiring a dump truck hauling company to handle both of these services is often the most straightforward solution that ensures the material gets moved if you don't have a dump truck of your own.

Material Removal

When you are digging a foundation or installing septic, you may have a lot of soil that you are not going to need. Removing the material with a dump truck is often the most manageable solution; depending on the material, you may be able to trade it for the removal service.

Clean fill dirt with good drainage properties can be used on other projects and may have some value to the dump truck hauling company in some cases. If they don't have a use for it, you can pay them to remove it by the truckload and dump it in an approved dump site like a landfill that needs dirt. 

If you need to have the material moved and are unsure where to take it, the trucking company may have some places they know will accept it, so discuss it with them. The local municipality may also be able to give you some suggestions in the area where you can legally dump the dirt to get it off the job site. 

Incoming Material

A dump truck hauling service can also help bring in materials for the job in large amounts when you are ready. Often buying stone or gravel requires a truck to haul it, and a dump truck works well for this. The dump truck can spread the material for you when they arrive on the site or dump it in a pile so you can move it as needed. 

For instance, if you are spreading crushed rock on a parking area, the ability to control how much stone is coming out of the truck at once is vital. A good dump truck operator can slowly raise the truck body to regulate what they are dumping, making the entire process easier. 

Sand, gravel, rock, and asphalt are all necessary on the work site, and some services provide hauling for all of them. The dump truck can haul material from a quarry or a supplier directly to your site, and you can hire them daily or for loads once a month if that is what you need for the job. If you don't need an entire hauling service fleet for your job, you may also want to look at local self-employed contractors that can haul materials one load at a time.   

For more information, contact a local company like Travis Trucking LLC.