3 Circumstances When It's Advisable To Invest In Chimney Repair

Posted on: 15 July 2022


Your chimney is vital because it removes smoke and fumes from your heating unit, keeping the air in your house and kitchen fresh. Therefore, ensuring that your chimney is well installed and maintained for optimum performance is advisable. However, it might deteriorate with time due to elements like rain, ice, and winds. For instance, excess moisture in your chimney might cause the paint near your chimney to start peeling. When this happens, it's imperative to contact a professional to inspect and repair your chimney. Here are three circumstances when it is advisable to invest in chimney repair.

1. When Your Chimney Damper Begins to Rust

A chimney damper is essential because it keeps your house warm by sealing the chimney when the fire is off. Thus, a rusted chimney damper might lead to excess heat loss, increasing your home's heating costs. This issue might occur when a defective chimney cap allows rainwater into your chimney. If ignored, the rust will reduce the functionality of your damper. Thus, it's imperative to invest in professional chimney repair when you notice this issue. These professionals will repair your rusted chimney damper, making it operational.

2. When You Notice White Stains on Your Chimney

As a property owner, you should hire a repair professional when you notice white stains on your chimney. These stains may form when moisture seeps through the bricks, concrete, or other masonry and evaporates on the other side. They might make your chimney structure look old or deteriorate if overlooked. They might also ruin the aesthetics of your chimney. So, investing in professional chimney repair is advisable when you notice this issue. These skilled contractors will clean the white stains from your chimney, making it spotless. 

3. When Your Chimney Mortar Joints Begin to Degenerate

Your chimney mortar joints are vital because they protect your brick and chimney from air and moisture. Therefore, if you notice any cracks or spaces between your chimney bricks, you should act faster to repair your mortar joints. Normal wear, water, and harsh weather might cause this issue. If overlooked, it might ruin your chimney's structural integrity or cause it to collapse. However, you can solve this by investing in chimney repair. It will help repair your chimney mortar joints, making them efficient.

A well-maintained and clean chimney will direct smoke in the right direction and boost heating efficiency. It will also increase the worth of your property. Therefore, do not hesitate to call a professional to inspect and maintain your chimney from time to time. These accredited contractors will repair any issue before it advances, saving you money and keeping your chimney structurally sound.

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