Remodeling Ideas For Cape Cod Homes

Posted on: 7 October 2022


Cape Cod homes were popular about half a century ago in the United States. At the time, the small stature of these homes allowed them to be built easily and inexpensively. A lot of these Cape Cod homes are still around, and they are reaching a stage where they're badly in need of remodeling. If you live in one of them, then you might be looking for some remodeling ideas and inspiration. You'll find that below. 

Open up the second floor

Most Cape Cods have what's known as a "half story" on the second floor. The space is built into what would have otherwise been the attic. It's common for the staircase to come up the middle. There may then be a bedroom on either side and sometimes a bathroom in the middle. These small rooms are not really in line with today's open floor plan preferences. So, if you want to open your Cape Cod home up a little, consider having the dividing walls removed from upstairs. You can leave the bathroom in place if there is one, but turn the upstairs into one large bedroom instead of several small ones. This works well for couples who don't need that extra bedroom and privacy.

Extend the kitchen

A common complaint about these homes is that the kitchens tend to be small. The home may have a galley kitchen. There may not be much room for modern appliances such as larger fridges or a dishwasher. So, if you have room in your budget, a good remodeling idea would be to have the kitchen extended a bit. The kitchen is often at the back of a Cape Cod home, so you can extend it a few feet into the backyard. This will result in a much more usable kitchen.

Add dormers

If the upstairs just feels too cramped and crowded, you may want to have a dormer or two added. A dormer is an extension of the floor behind a window. The floor is extended to form a little cubby. This can make some of the space where the ceilings are low more usable. You could use the nook to hold a bookshelf, dressers, or even a beanbag chair for relaxing.

Cape Cod homes can be a little cramped, but there are ways to remodel them and ameliorate this downfall. Talk to a builder to learn more about your home remodeling options.