Dealing With Difficult Clogs? How A Commercial Plumber Can Assist

Posted on: 6 January 2023


Are you experiencing an ongoing issue with clogged plumbing fixtures throughout your commercial property? If multiple toilets are clogged more often than not, you're likely feeling frustrated and wondering what you can do to resolve this problem. Rather than continuing to deal with the issue on your own, using plungers as a temporary fix that only lasts for a short while, reaching out to a commercial plumber is in your best interest. It is the most effective way to have such a severe issue addressed in the first place. 

What Will a Commercial Plumber Do When Hired to Help With Clogs?

Before the commercial plumber can resolve the problem you're dealing with inside your commercial property, they must first perform a thorough, detailed inspection to determine the root cause of such an issue. Clogs tend to happen more often in commercial settings because there are usually more people using the plumbing fixtures throughout the day. It's relatively common for clogs to occur when an excessive amount of toilet paper is flushed. However, if people are flushing other things down the toilet, such as sanitary napkins and paper towels, that could also be a reason for the clogs. Discovering the initial cause of such clogs is the start of resolving a problem that has caused you much frustration and stress.

What Is the Ideal Solution for Clogged Toilets and Plumbing Fixtures in Commercial Environments?

While most plumbers will use a snake tool to remove clogs from fixtures in homes, this isn't always the most feasible solution for commercial properties. In fact, during an inspection, a plumber may see massive clogs that would require the use of heavy-duty equipment to clear. In this case, it's quite common for commercial plumbers to use hydro jets. The hydro-jetting process rapidly clears those drains to end persistent problems with clogs. In addition, the water moves so fast that it can clear up just about anything that gets in the way, helping resolve your issue in no time. You can even discuss this option with the plumber to see if they recommend hydro-jetting for your commercial property.

Don't Deal With Clogs Alone—Let a Professional Help

The key to keeping the plumbing fixtures inside your commercial property in good working order is to keep them clear and have them regularly maintained by a commercial plumber. Now that you're having an issue, you shouldn't attempt to handle it alone. Instead, hire a commercial plumber who can inspect the problem and provide a solution to resolve it, such as hydro-jetting.

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