How Much Lockout Training Do Your Employees Need?

Posted on: 30 January 2023


Powerful machinery can rely on a considerable amount of energy to function. When the machinery is serviced, it will need to be shut down and the energy source must be disconnected to avoid any safety concerns. You will only need to train some of your employees to carry out these procedures. However, adequate training is essential to make sure that your employees are not injured.

The Purpose of the Lockout Device

A lockout device is meant to shut down machinery and equipment completely so that it can be serviced. Your employee must know the safe procedure for discharging energy and re-energizing the device. The technician cannot simply begin working on the equipment but must follow a specific procedure to make sure that everyone is safe.

The Lockout Process

The lockout process begins with preparing the equipment for the LOTO procedure and notifying all the workers in the area. A tagout device provides employees with a warning that there is a potential hazard. For the tagout device to be effective, it must be resistant to the environmental conditions it will be subjected to. It must also be clearly recognizable by all employees.

The equipment will be fully shut down and isolated. Once the lockout/tagout device has been used, all of the stored energy will be released safely. Then, the equipment is checked again to make sure that it has been disconnected from all energy sources.

Determining How You Should Train Each Employee

The authorized staff are taught LOTO procedures. When you begin a training program, it's important to know which employees will need to be trained on LOTO procedures. With certain types of machines, more than one employee will need to work on the machine at the same time.

Other staff members who might be affected will not have to be trained in LOTO procedures. However, they will need to be trained on how to identify LOTO procedures so that they can avoid being injured when the technician is disconnecting the equipment from the energy source.

Retraining Your Employees

LOTO training is not a one-time thing. Whenever there is a change in equipment or a change in how your company uses energy, they will need to be trained again. Also, if there is a reason for you to believe that an employee is not able to safely carry out LOTO procedures, you'll need to consider whether they should be retrained or reassigned.

To learn more, contact a professional who provides LOTO training