Wall Storage Renovations For Your Kitchen

Posted on: 29 March 2023


If space restrictions have limited the amount of kitchen gear that you normally purchase, you may be looking for some innovative ways to increase storage within the room. Use the following wall renovations to increase the amount of space that you have for cooking gear, ingredients, and small appliances.

A Wall Pantry

A wall pantry can be built directly into one of the walls within the kitchen. This type of pantry is smaller than an add-on pantry that would extend from the kitchen. A wall pantry, however, will supply you with much-needed space to store canned goods, packaged goods, drink mixes, and more. Your contractor will design a wall pantry that will complement the aesthetics within the kitchen.

A wall pantry can be constructed of lumber or another material that has a rigid surface. A built-in pantry can feature an open or closed design. An open design will consist of storage shelves that do not contain any doors in front of them. A closed design will consist of built-in storage shelves. Doors will be anchored to the front of the wall pantry.

Custom Shelves

Independent shelves do not take up much space but provide a viable way to display items that are not stored in a distinct area already. Your contractor will assess your kitchen first. They will determine which walls are best suited for the addition of shelves.

Floating shelves and standard shelves can be installed along one or more walls. A shelf can be hung independently. An independent shelf will work well for storing and displaying items that you would like to draw attention to. 

A group of shelves will work well for storing a collection of cookbooks or a variety of cooking accessories. Your contractor can customize the shelves that you decide to use to renovate the kitchen space. A contractor can stain or paint each shelf. They can also add custom embellishments along the front and sides of each one.

A Hanging Rack

A hanging rack can be used to store pots, pans, large utensils, and other items that you tend to use on a frequent basis. A rack can contain a latticework design or an intricate weave pattern. A custom rack that is going to be used to store items of all sizes can have hooks attached to it. Your contractor will guide you in choosing a rack design that is well-equipped to be installed along one wall in your kitchen.

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