What Are Tiny Homes And How Tiny Are They?

Posted on: 2 August 2023


You may have heard a lot about tiny homes recently. While it's clear that they're small, there may be some questions surrounding what exactly tiny homes are and their place in today's overpriced housing market. Here's a closer look at the tiny home movement, what a tiny home is, and the different types of tiny homes available.

What Is the Tiny House Movement?

The tiny house movement is a social movement advocating living in smaller, simpler homes. as a way to reduce environmental impact, fight the rising real estate costs across the country, and live a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle.

Is the Tiny House Movement New?

It's worth noting that while the tiny home movement has gained popularity in recent years, the notion of living in small homes is not new. Each generation has had a push to return to simpler times. The tiny home movement is simply putting the idea in the spotlight again. In fact, the average size home in the 1920s ranged from 742 to 1,223 square feet, while that average has soared to over 2,400 square feet today.

Are There Different Types of Tiny Homes?

There are differing opinions on what constitutes 'tiny' in housing. Most experts typically agree any house under 400 square feet fits the definition, but that range could be pushed up to 1,000 square feet. There are several types of tiny homes available, including:

  • Micro. A micro house is an extreme version of the tiny house movement and could be as small as just 60 square feet.
  • Mobile. Many tiny homes are built on gooseneck trailers to be portable, like an RV or mobile home. This option limits their height, width, and overall square footage so they can travel on the road safely and legally.
  • Foundation. When most people think of tiny homes, they picture these homes on wheels. However, you can just as easily build one on a permanent foundation. Foundation homes are the most traditional type of tiny homes. While they are often slightly larger than other tiny homes due to city ordinances, they are dramatically smaller than the average American home.

The tiny house movement is a growing trend emphasizing simplicity, minimalism, and sustainability. While tiny homes range in size and type, they all share the same emphasis on functionality and making the most of small space. While tiny homes may not be for everyone, they're worth considering for those looking to downsize their lives.

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